Monday, August 6, 2007

Confirmed! - Salhi has been found


Salhi has been found well and healthy in Kuantan Hospital. Apparently he has been in kuantan for the past two weeks, under the care of the police and the hospital.

This info has been confirmed by the family members when Wwu called again last night to confirm.

Thank you to all that have contributed their effort in trying to find him. Your prayers have been answered, praise be to Allah.

Hopefully Salhi will be in track to full recovery soon, and able to live a normal and purposeful life.

Thanx, Feiz

Latest Update - Unconfirmed Good News!

I just received a phone call from En Ahmad, Salhi's father. He relayed to me the good news that Salhi has been found. Apparently a good samaritan found him and took him to the hospital. The hospital later called En Ahmad who then conveyed the good news.

This latest news has not been confirmed yet, nevertheless it is good news still. Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah.

Currently, the details are still blurry. More updates to come once we got hold of more solid information. A sigh of relief from En Ahmad. He must be a very happy man at this moment.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Understanding Schizophrenia


Schizophrenia is the fourth leading cause of disability in the developed world (for ages 15-44). Schizophrenia usual starts in the late teens or early twenties, and then persists for a life-time. Schizophrenia rarely starts after age 45.

Usually this illness starts with a prepsychotic phase of social and academic/occupational impairment. A few months or years later, a psychotic phase develops (with delusions, hallucinations, or grossly bizarre/disorganized speech and behavior). This psychotic phase can last continuously for decades, or it can recur episodically.

Antipsychotic medication shortens the duration of this psychosis, and prevents recurrences (but psychotic relapses can still occur under stress). Usually it takes years before individuals can accept that they have Schizophrenia and need medication. When individuals stop their antipsychotic medication, it may take a few years before they suffer a psychotic relapse. Most, however, relapse within months. After each psychotic relapse there is increased intellectual impairment.

Life-long treatment with antipsychotic medication is essential for recovery from Schizophrenia. Individuals also require long-term emotional and financial support from their families. Most individuals with Schizophrenia qualify for government (or insurance) disability pensions. Social rehabilitation (e.g., club-houses, supervised social activities) and sheltered/volunteer employment are also essential.

For more, please go here >>

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Update - Friday Evening

Wawoo, Syul, Petet, Salad and meself met at Syed KJ last night. When I got there, true to his word Salad was already waiting with a book in hand and a weird concoction he claim to be ABC. I doubt so.

Later the three other arrived. Drinks flowed and the usual banter surfaced, reminiscing on the old times. Never grew tired arent we.

Then we got to business. Latest updates were shared, strategies were drawn-up and actions were planned. Wawoo, Syul and Petet really got their hands dirty this time. Almost all possible angle of search have already been covered by them. Great guys. Hope more can volunteer their help in this effort.

The only lead we had now saying Salhi might be in Terengganu. Which part - nobody can be sure. Hope any Ganu folks visiting this blog can keep a lookout for him. As for now, its more like a wild goose chase.

This blog has been getting a steady stream of visitors. Launched yesterday, it already got 300+ page hits. Alhamdulillah, at the very least more people are aware of the case and more pair of eyes will be vigilant. Thank you again.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Please help us find Salhi

Hi all,

A former schoolmate of mine, Salhi Khaiessa Ahmad, has been reported missing from his house in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He is suffering from schizophrenia, and has been away for more than two weeks without taking his medication.

Please help us and his family to locate him. If you have seen the person in the picture above, please contact En Ahmad at 09-786 6040, 017-970 3227 or 012-296 2642. Or you can call me - Feizrul - at 012 335 7852 or email

Updates - Friday Afternoon

Hi all,

Called Salhi's father this morning. This was the first time that we talk since salhi left his home two weeks ago. From the tone of his voice I feel the pain and suffering he is going through right now. Hoping for a miracle and appreciating any help he can get to locate his son.

He told me about the search effort so far. The family and friends have trying looking in most parts of Kelantan - from Kota Bharu, Pasir Puteh, Pasir Mas, Jeli and other places. They went to most bus stations, train stations, and frequenting the police stations for any updates.

He told me that he can't drive at nighttime due to his eyesight. when he told me this I feel his voice quiver, as a father that cannot give his all to solve this predicament. I know that any person in his shoes right now will give their all. but he cant, and this hurts him more.

Salhi's family is going to Kuala Terengganu this afternoon to meet the police chief there. They are widening their search to places outside Kelantan.

Previously Salhi disappreared for a few days but was found around Kuala Kangsar, Grik area. Hopefully any reader of this blog from that area will keep a lookout for him.

More details on this case, please read the posting 'Plight of a Sister' and 'Plight of a Sister II'

I will continue updating this blog from time to time, whenever I have more updates on the search effort

Thank you, very very much

Thursday, August 2, 2007

As published in The Star Friday July 27 2007

Mental patient missing from home

Salhi: ‘Yie’ had not been seen since July 13

PASIR PUTEH: A mentally disabled man, who was recently discharged from a psychiatric ward, has been missing from his home for the past two weeks.
Salhi Ahmad, 27, left home during Friday prayers on July 13, wearing a yellow shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. He has not been seen since.

He was discharged from the Kota Baru General Hospital's psychiatric ward early this month to attend his sister’s wedding ceremony.

“He looked pleased to be home, and he took his medication without much fuss,” said his father, Ahmad Salleh, 62.

But Ahmad fears that Yie, as friends and family call him, could now be behaving aggressively without his prescribed medication.

“He did not take his MyKad and left with only RM3.50 in his pockets, but he could have gone outside of Kelantan by now because all our efforts to find him here have been fruitless,” said the retired schoolteacher.

A police report over Salhi's disappearance was lodged at the Pasir Puteh police station on July 14, he said.

Ahmad added that Salhi, who is 175cm tall and weighs about 70kg, had gone missing from home several times since 1997.

“But he was always found after a few days. Usually, our relatives would find him in Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh, where he studied,” he said.

He requested anybody who has seen his son to contact him at 09-786 6040, 017-970 3227 or 012-296 2642.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Plight of a Sister - Part II

I go through a cycle of optimism and pessimism. Looking at how he was found last time after 4 days missing , by the roadside, cengkung and disheveled, makan tak minum tak tidur tak, I just hope he's still alive.

On the cause of his illness, I am not the best to outline the cause, but what i know is always complained about being bullied in MCKK. To what extent we didn't know because at the time it's our fault we thought he was 'just saying it'. So nobody paid attention to his complaints.

After getting some prize money for his 8As PMR from a Japanese Minister he ran away from school but not to home, but to KL. When we found him he said he couldn;t stand school. Nak balik rumah takut my dad marah. My dad took him out of school and he went to a school in Kelantan. Towards his SPM he was getting worse but managed 2A1 - Physics and Add Maths.

Already on tablet he joined the flying school, he was always fascinated by airplanes, always wanted to be a pilot. Half a year he was there (Kedah i think) they found his tablets and he was expelled. He took a turn for the worse.

When he got slightly better I got him enrolled in a private college. He received a best student award when he was on this medication tradename Domatil. Somehow the tablet was stopped ( pricey I think) and he was on Risperidone ( for those medics who are interested) , he is never stable since and he couldn't sit his exams.

To what extent was he bullied? Was it very bad that he couldn't tell anyone? Sexually? Or was he already 'crazy' so people bullied him? Chicken ke egg ke. I reserve my comments for now on boarding schools. May he returns safe. Amiin.

Plight of a Sister

This is the plight of Salhi's sister, desperate to find him back. Please help us locate him by forwarding this blog to everyone that you know, or put an entry in your blog, fotopage, website, wutever, of her sister's plight.

Please read on - feiz


Hi all. I I know this is about to become like me airing my dirty laundry for the world to know, but I feel so desperate.I need to tell this to you girls.
My brother Salhi has been ill with a psychiatric illness.Schizophrenia to be precise. He is 26 and he started having mental disturbance at 17 when he was in MCKK lagi.He was the genious of the family, the badut of the family and the best little brother anyone could ever wish for.
Past 10 years saw him deteriorating and my heart sgt sgt sebak when this time, I went to the hospital in KB to find him locked up in a cage, together with people I would not even look at, bcos they scare me. He had extra muscular twitches and gaunt facial expression. Memang tak nampak mcm my used to be little brother anymore. In between bites of coney dog ( dia suka A&W) he managed to tell me 'Nak sekolah balik Kak Mie please '. Repeatedly. I just held back tears.
We took him out, and he was stable during my wedding. Masa reception I kept him occupied with a camera so people don't feel obliged to make a petty talk with a 'weird' looking man. Everything was fine.
On Friday the 13th, he left home saying he wanted to go for a walk. RM 3.50 in his pocket. He never came back. Duit tak ada, IC tak ada. We looked for him everywhere, satu Kelantan. No news.
He hasn't taken his medications for 2 weeks now, I tak tahulah how he is now. Mungkin kalau you all jalan2 kat KL nampak budak gila (i have to accept this now) talking to himself, kotor, kurus tak terurus, kejap cakap english kejap cakap kelantan, that's him. Let me know.
What i fear is that he got hit by a lorry ke, in a ditch somewhere waiting to be found. I am writing almost with tears all the time. Partly because I am frustrated there wasn't much time for me in Malaysia, to do anything. Police report has been filed and my other brother has written in the Star. Now this waiting game is making me very apprehensive..
Usually he'll find means to go back to Kuala Kangsar. 2 kali he was found in MCKK in the past. His memory seemed to have stopped at that point in hislife. Allah sahajalah yang tahu why he is tested this far. To him he is still 17.
Doakan so he's looked after by people yang he come across, who would find sympathy in them to give him food and a place to shut his eyes. Insy. Amiin. And I am sorry if anybody finds this upsetting.


Dr. Najmiah K AhmadClinical Fellow in Anaesthetics York District General.