Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Plight of a Sister - Part II

I go through a cycle of optimism and pessimism. Looking at how he was found last time after 4 days missing , by the roadside, cengkung and disheveled, makan tak minum tak tidur tak, I just hope he's still alive.

On the cause of his illness, I am not the best to outline the cause, but what i know is always complained about being bullied in MCKK. To what extent we didn't know because at the time it's our fault we thought he was 'just saying it'. So nobody paid attention to his complaints.

After getting some prize money for his 8As PMR from a Japanese Minister he ran away from school but not to home, but to KL. When we found him he said he couldn;t stand school. Nak balik rumah takut my dad marah. My dad took him out of school and he went to a school in Kelantan. Towards his SPM he was getting worse but managed 2A1 - Physics and Add Maths.

Already on tablet he joined the flying school, he was always fascinated by airplanes, always wanted to be a pilot. Half a year he was there (Kedah i think) they found his tablets and he was expelled. He took a turn for the worse.

When he got slightly better I got him enrolled in a private college. He received a best student award when he was on this medication tradename Domatil. Somehow the tablet was stopped ( pricey I think) and he was on Risperidone ( for those medics who are interested) , he is never stable since and he couldn't sit his exams.

To what extent was he bullied? Was it very bad that he couldn't tell anyone? Sexually? Or was he already 'crazy' so people bullied him? Chicken ke egg ke. I reserve my comments for now on boarding schools. May he returns safe. Amiin.


Anonymous said...

Thank God he has been found!

I am concerned that he was bullied while at MCKK. I would like to know more about that if I may, and about bullying in residential schools here in Malaysia.

There have been extreme cases where even deaths have occurred that were reported in papers, but I'm sure there are numerous other ones that go unreported because they don't end up with a death, or some serious injury!

I wonder if there are any blogs / discussion on the bullying that occurs in government residential schools. I believe many of those who had or have been the victims keep silent for fear of embarrassment, shame that they were (or made to feel so) the 'weird' ones in school.

I want to send my son, the only child, to a residential school so that he won't be left alone or on his own when I'm away working. (I'm a single parent, with no extended family to 'care' for him). I want him to be in a structured, disciplined environment, away from negative 'undesirable' influences. However I am apprehensive about all these happening in boarding schools.

Anyone care to comment?

Spiritual Emergency said...

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Tovi said...

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