Saturday, August 4, 2007

Update - Friday Evening

Wawoo, Syul, Petet, Salad and meself met at Syed KJ last night. When I got there, true to his word Salad was already waiting with a book in hand and a weird concoction he claim to be ABC. I doubt so.

Later the three other arrived. Drinks flowed and the usual banter surfaced, reminiscing on the old times. Never grew tired arent we.

Then we got to business. Latest updates were shared, strategies were drawn-up and actions were planned. Wawoo, Syul and Petet really got their hands dirty this time. Almost all possible angle of search have already been covered by them. Great guys. Hope more can volunteer their help in this effort.

The only lead we had now saying Salhi might be in Terengganu. Which part - nobody can be sure. Hope any Ganu folks visiting this blog can keep a lookout for him. As for now, its more like a wild goose chase.

This blog has been getting a steady stream of visitors. Launched yesterday, it already got 300+ page hits. Alhamdulillah, at the very least more people are aware of the case and more pair of eyes will be vigilant. Thank you again.


IBU said...

Salam feizrul

Glad to see this missing person alert now more out in the open, albeit just on cyberspace.

I have 3 boys, and I said in my entry, as a mother, the sheer imagination of my son missing is frightening.

I was a boarder too (all girls) and even in girls school, bullying (alienation and verbal smirks if amongst girls) can be quite rampant.

Nevertheless, the comraderie & esprit d corp you guys are exhibiting restore my confidence that there is indeed a profound intangible advantage of boarding schools.

May all our prayers be answered soon.

leng893 said...

feiz...good job n thanks for the effort.